About Us

Who we are?


zido Web Services has a team of skilled graduates and professionals with numerous years of industry experience amongst globally recognised companies and institutes. We have managed to collate and utilise this extensive body of knowledge and expertise within a single focussed professional entity. We hope to develop and grow this skill base to deliver products and services for our global client base for many years to come.

We can provide creative, contemporary website and E-Commerce designs.

Our solutions can be tailored to meet customer requirements thus helping to develop and grow their commercial enterprises.


Why Choose Us?

1. Creative Technology Solutions

Azido Web Services provides its clients with high-quality technology solutions to enhance their business and professional requirements

2. Knowledge And Expertise

We recruit highly skilled experienced resources from abroad industrial academic backgrounds.

3. Partnership Models

Our client relationships are based on a long term view that mutual understanding and awareness leads to better more comprehensive solutions, thus allowing businesses to grow. This close partnership working methodology has been found to be the most effective means of mutual growth.

4. Quality Service

All our services and products are delivered to a high standard according to international benchmarks recognised industrially.

Our Skills

Web Design / 99%
E-Commerce / 97%
Software Development / 98%
Customer Relationship / 100%